10 Inch Kindle Fire Model May Be in the Pipelines?

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that Amazon will not be sitting on its profits for very long. Given the fact that a tablet –even one running vanilla Android– requires enormous amounts of work, it’s easy to see how the next Kindle Fire model could be and most probably is in the pipelines.

If it’s in the pipelines, information will surface.

“…There are limits to what Amazon’s new tablet can do for Quanta, though. Amazon is already getting ready for an additional Kindle Fire model, this one with a 10-inch screen, but that business is going to Quanta’s rival Foxconn, according to Samsung Securities and Bernstein…” emphasis mine.

And once the 10 inch version lands, there shall be throwing around of expressions, such as ‘iPad killer’, and grinding of teeth commence.

Can’t wait.

Read the full report on Quanta’s plans via San Francisco Chronicle.

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