Amazon + Foxconn = Amazon Smartphone?

Looks like the mastermind behind Amazon won’t stop until the company builds out its portfolio. An integral part to that was releasing a mobile device that gives access to the vast amount of content the company has been selling for years.

Via Tech Trader Daily comes the wire saying Amazon does not intend to stop at just a 7″ tablet, but they’re actively working with Foxconn to sell an Amazon smartphone by as early as next year.

There are a couple of factors that can make this work.

Amazon already sells smartphones and other electronics (Amazon Wireless for instance), so it’s got the distribution worked out.

The company also has content to fill said smartphone with; the Amazon App Market (for which Apple is jolly well cross), Amazon Mp3 and of course their streaming service.

Today, as a smartphone producer, you can sell your phones via superior tech specs, or a tightly woven content economy. Amazon shown with the Kindle fire that they’re not interested in joining Gigahertz arms wars, so it’s going to be the latter.

I, for one, am really curious as to how this turns out.

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