LaCie means business with 4TB and 6TB Thunderbolt external hard drives

There’s one inherent shortcoming popping up its wrinkled head in the specification of every ultraportable. Ever.

The thin profile doesn’t allow for much internal storage space. USB 2.0 can no longer deal with current bandwidth requirements. USB 3.0 isn’t ubiquitous yet. Although it spreads quite quickly among PC laptops, it still is nowhere to be found on Apple products.

And there’s every chance for it to remain so.


Because Apple piled its chips on Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a 10 Gbps connection, fast enough to carry a 2560×1440 resolution video signal, a Gigabit ethernet port and data transfer to and from an external HDD at speeds that trump USB 2.0 and come back to kick it while it’s down.

Enter LaCie.

Thunderbolt ready external hard drives are anything but inexpensive. That much won’t change with LaCie’s new 4 and 6TB Thunderbolt boxes. They, on the other hand, will add to the lacking number of available Thunderbolt HDD options. Even though the price isn’t mainstream, the sheer existence of another option can make the port more widespread.

I’m reasonably certain those who can afford a Sonnet Echo box with a RED Rocket to pimp their Macbook Air won’t mind the price. Adobe’s John Nack can now have another toy to play with.

The 4TB model hits a $649 sized hole in your wallet, the 6TB version looks the budget option with its slightly higher — $799 — asking price.

If cost isn’t any of your concerns, LaCie 2big might just be the storage system for your Air. Its aluminum encasing makes sure it goes with the rest of your equipment. Up to 311 MB/s transfer rate ensures blazing fast access to your files.

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